Had a great reading with Shiloh, she truly has a gift. Highly recommend! 


 I had a mini reading with Shiloh and I found her to be highly intuitive and her reading totally resonated ... thank you so much for your guidance 💖

Nikki Borg

A warm, gentle, and kind reader. I was given rather specific and detailed insights during my reading which made it a stand out above other more generic readers I’ve had in the past. Thank you again for your beautiful insights xx




 I had a reading with Rowena back in August 2019 and a lot of what came through is just starting to happen right now, Oct 2019. Rowena was spot on with her reading for me and I gained a lot of insight, clarification and guidance. Thank you.


This was my first reading with the Mystical Journey this evening. In fact my first reading ever in 47 years of life!

I have never had a reading before, but, today I found out news that has really closed a chapter for me. I was so damn curious to see if this could be sensed and also to see where this turning would lead me to, moving forward.

Miraculously, Rowena confirmed today's event and she sensed that, moving forward, would lead to happiness and inner peace.

There were also other things that she mentioned that spooked me and intrigued me at the same time.

Definitely worth a call!










Jen-Glee is an 11/10 I couldn’t recommend her more!  I have previously had Reiki with her which was an incredible experience. More recently I had a card reading and WOW!. I couldn’t believe how transforming this experience was. She was so accurate and insightful. "She gave me so much time and comfort during the process." 

 I will be back! Thank you 🙏🏻

Jen-Glee readings was so detailed and intuitive. It was amazing what she picked up in the cards that were drawn for me and how relevant what she spoke about was. I highly recommend for some insight into your past or present!

Thanks, Jen-Glee X

Today I received a distant tarot reading from Jen-Glee.  I highly recommend this service.  Jen-Glee tapped into my souls desires.  She picked up on my past and current situations so accurately.  I'm so thankful for the guidance and encouragement to follow my spiritual path/awakening. Thank you for the support during this confusing time. 🙏💙you are a generous and loving soul. I loved the experience 🙏

Jen-Glee's reading was so detailed, insightful and amazingly accurate.  I loved her positivity and kindness.  She confirmed things I already knew and shed light to things I was unclear about. I would highly recommend her. 💞🔮

Jen-Glee did a fantastic general reading for me - I didn’t really give her much to go on, no specific question or anything.  She quickly identified my issues with negative thoughts straight off, and gave encouraging advice and direction. I so appreciate your time Jen-Glee!!!  THANK YOU!!!

 I had the most wonderful reading from Jen-Glee! I needed clarity on things in my life and she nailed it. Made me realize the major decisions I've made were the right ones. Means so much! Thanks again!

I had an amazing spot on reading from Jen-Glee...thank you for the clarity on what my next steps should be!! Love & light

 Jen-Glee's reading was very accurate, knowing that we were not together at the time, really far away from each other. She is definitely gifted, kind, and her voice is one of the most soothing I ever heard !

I warmly recommend her work.


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