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Shiloh is a gifted and intuitive reader that comes from a long line of readers. Taught by her mother from a very young age, Shiloh uses cards as a guide only. The messages that she receives from spirit come to her in life story form, rather than visions (Clairaudient). She is also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dip.Clin.Hyp. with many years of experience. Shiloh can look at past, present and future. If you would like Shiloh to read for you, please call 

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When Luna was 16, she bought her first deck of Tarot cards.  This opened her eyes to the mystical unseen world. As an Indigo child, she had prophesied many major family changes in her early pre-teen years.
Luna works very intuitively. Her abilities are many and varied, including mediumship, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairvoyance.

When she works with a person, her job is to help you to understand your own divinity. She empowers you take control of your life and understand your journey. Luna is simply a channel, as we are all on our own very sacred journey. Luna is optimistic and happy and  loves what she does.  She believes in self-empowerment and love, and uses that to guide you on your journey to peacefulness and joy. 
You are the only one who holds the key to your own happiness, but if you need help finding it, she can assist.

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Spiritual Healer/Reader and Meditation/Teacher over 20 years. Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Clin.Hyp. for 17 years. Channelling the energies of her Celtic ancestors, Angelic beings and Ascended Masters of the highest light, to gently guide you through your life’s questions and journey, providing insight and clarification with the use of Celtic Tarot, Angel cards and intuitive/psychic channellings from the higher realms as her tools. She is the great grand daughter of a Celtic English psychic medium who was the 7th child of a 7th child.

Rowena – we are one.

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Jen-Glee is a highly sensitive empath who reads truthfully from a place of love and healing. Jen-Glee will hold a beautiful place to hear your own channelled messages and shine a light on your pathway. She will bring awareness to the seen and the unseen around you, with the knowing that we are all free spirits with our own free will.
Blessings of love and light to all those who read this. If you would like Jen-Glee to read for you, call

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Emrys came into this lifetime with may spiritual gifts, along the way those gifts were challenged by organised religion and pressures of a 3D world, but like a refining fire, they served to clarify his calling and empower his spiritual gifts so that he can better serve those who seek him out.

Emrys may use cards as a guide. He is a Psychic Medium who is Clairsentient, receiving messages from spirit primarily form hearing and images. Emrys may channel guides, angels or passed love ones IF they choose to come through. He is also and empath and interpreter of dreams.