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Do you think it’s a coincidence you have landed on this page, or is it destiny?

This is your space to seek guidance, healing, balance and that feeling of oneness with spirit.

We understand you are seeking guidance right now and, with that in mind, we have wisely chosen readers to help lead you back onto your pathway.

Every reader has their own unique gifts of insight and wisdom, each with varying backgrounds. Our readers utilise an array of skills and tools to awaken your soul's destiny.

from The Light of the Mystical Journey
©Lisa aka Shiloh

"Rowena was spot on with her reading for me and I gained a lot of insight, clarification and guidance"  

"This review is based on my personal experience and I'm cautious who I allow to visit my spirituality. I'm glad my spirits chose Sheba"

"Kaya gave me images and names of people that are relevant in my future"

"Jen-Glee is an 11/10 I couldn’t recommend her more!" 

"Had a great reading with Shiloh, she truly has a gift. Highly recommend!" 

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